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At Tenant’s Choice®, we have built a reputation for excellence in property management, as well as support for the sale and purchase of real estate in Knoxville, TN. We are a licensed real estate agency, a member of the Knoxville Area Association of Realtors® and licensed residential contractor.

Focusing all our energies within this area has led us to build in-depth knowledge and long-lasting relationships with key players in the industry, including trusted vendors, governmental and regulatory bodies, and more. Our expertise is what sets us apart from all other licensed brokers in the region.

The Team at Tenant’s Choice®

We are a team of experienced professionals, dedicated to bringing tailor-made services to our clients, such that they have a satisfying and totally hassle-free experience of dealing in property, regardless of whether they are landlords, tenants, home sellers or buyers. Our focus on Knoxville has also allowed us to gain expertise on all types of residential real estate, including single-family homes, multi-family apartments, lofts, condos, and more.

Our team of full-service, licensed property agents gives us the ability to offer support for almost every type of client, addressing their questions and offering peace of mind through transparent services that are both professional and customized to each client’s unique needs. Our aim is to offer each client peace of mind that their investment will stay protected and well cared for.

The Journey So Far

How it All Began

Chris Cockerille, President and Principal Broker at Tenant’s Choice®, and his father John Cockerille, Vice President and General Contractor, arrived at Knoxville with a truck and a business plan. Passion for real estate redevelopment seemed to be an integral part of Chris, having grown up seeing his father work as a general contractor.

“I was drawn to the beautiful city of Knoxville, not only because of what it had to offer in terms of neighborhoods but also its proximity to the mountains. I believed that there was so much scope for real estate here, not the least of which was the Fed grants available for the redevelopment of the city,” says Chris.

The journey began in 2004, with the aim of buying one house a month, renovating it and then leasing and managing it. Quality was always top of the priority list, which is probably why it was possible to meet the targets, with 30 houses being renovated and leased in two and a half years.

Disaster Strikes

The 2007 housing recession saw many properties in distress. Chris remembers those years – “The housing market crashed around us, but we didn’t. That’s probably because we always worked with a well-designed and documented future plan, before investing in any property. And, our focus on quality stood us in good stead during those troubled times.”

We Steer the Storm

With the 2007 crash, people stopped investing in real estate and many who had already invested, lost their homes to foreclosures. But everyone needs a home, and if you cannot own one, you need to rent one. “I will always be thankful to our foresight to not leverage 100% of the property but invest in properties that we managed ourselves and held on to. This is why we were quickly able to provide rental solutions and the business continued to flourish. People couldn’t afford to sell their homes during the recession, but we could help them put their properties up for rent, taking care of all their property management needs, and easing the entire process for our clients,” says Chris.

So, from managing our own properties, Tenant’s Choice® moved to managing those of others, building the business on ensuring that each client’s needs were met, such that they had a completely hassle-free experience of being a landlord and negotiating deals. In fact, what helped Tenant’s Choice® create a niche was this commitment to providing tailored support, and excellence and professionalism.

And We Flourish

Within a decade, Tenant’s Choice® grew to being a team of two full-time and one part-time property managers, with two front office personnel and an established network of trusted vendors. Today, Tenant’s Choice® is a licensed real estate agency, a member of the Knoxville Area Association of Realtors® and a licensed residential contractor.

One of the achievements that we, at Tenant’s Choice®, are especially proud of is our work with the City of Knoxville’s Community Development department. We have been working with them extensively since 2005, being awarded Fed grants and funds to complete several successful redevelopment projects. Our affiliations with local and national organizations, including the legal community and government agencies, has helped us in our efforts to make Knoxville a better place to live in.

Our clients trust us because our services are completely professional and transparent, with no markups on vendor pricing for materials and labor, and any savings that we do manage to accrue being passed on to the property owners. It is this commitment to excellence in services that has helped us win so many long-term client relationships.

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