Top 5 Tips on How to Save on Your Renter’s Insurance

As a tenant, renter’s insurance policy is extremely essential to ensure the safety ofyour personal property and belongings. Many tenants seem to simply ignore thisfact, falsely assuming that the landlord’s insurance will cover any damage to theirpersonal property, in the Read More >>

Rent Assistance Programs: Things You Need to Know

Having trouble making your rent payments? Many local as well as state governments today, have government run agencies and organizations that can help tenants pay their rents, security deposits as well as other rental expenses. For instance, Texas offers the Read More >>

Buying vs. Renting: Myths You Should Be Aware Of

Think buying your own home is always more feasible than renting? Think again. During the housing boom, many buyers influenced by various rent vs. buy misconceptions and myths ended up buying houses they couldn’t afford. As a result, the housing Read More >>

Beware of These Rental Fees

More and more Americans, today choose to rent houses and apartments rather than buying one. While most of the American population still prefers to own a home in the long run, this shift towards renting apartments and houses has occurred Read More >>

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Renter’s Insurance

It is common sense that insurance is of vital importance whether it is your life, home, car, or medical insurance to protect you from unforeseen events, accidents or emergencies. However, when it comes to renting a property, tenants often seem Read More >>

Rental Income and Expenditure: Things You Need to Know

Generally the fair market price or cash you get for the use of your personal or real estate propertyis taxable as rental income. However, you can also deduct certain expenses of renting theproperty from the rental income. Expenses and incomes Read More >>