Some Potent Tips for Investing in Real Estate in the USA

For those of you who are considering investing in real estate in the United States, the climate is indeed favorable. Although prices are low, they are increasing steadily and the rental rates have made the achievement of better yields a Read More >>

Home Buying Affordability Takes a Hit in the Second Quarter of 2013

The second quarter of 2013 has not been all that exciting for home buyers. Stagnation in income levels, skyrocketing real estate prices and ever increasing mortgage rates has made affordable home buying a distant reality with the average homebuyer struggling Read More >>

Prices Unlikely to Follow Mortgage Rates say Researchers

Keeping past trends in perspective, researchers have gone on to deduce that although a rise in mortgage rates would end up hurting home sales figures, there is likely to be no impact on the prices of homes. The assessment has Read More >>

Real Estate Trends to Look Out for in Summer 2013

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Homes are an Investment Again!

There is some definite good news this year for homeowners! Homes are appreciating in value once again! The bubble that burst for housing prices is now a thing of the past and a steady appreciation in rates are being seen Read More >>

Quick Check before Investing in Housing Property

The real estate scenario in 2013 has taken us by surprise. The gloomy days are over and we can set our eyes on the promising market that has lots to offer. Here are some quick facts: Home sales increased by Read More >>