How to Stage Your Home to Get the Best Price

Are you planning to sell a home you own? Do you wonder what all this hype is about staging the home and why you should bother making so much effort? Here are some statistics from the National Association of Realtors, as part of their Profile of Home Staging Report 2017:

How to Stage Your Home to Get the Best Price

  • 29% seller’s real estate agents believe that staging helped raise the value of the property by 6%-20%
  • 58% of these agents also believe that staging increases the value of the home by 1%-20%
  • 97% of buyer’s agents state that staging has some impact on the buyer’s perception of the home
  • More than 77% of buyer says that it is “easier to visualize the property as their future home” when it is staged
  • 27% of buyers are more willing to “overlook property faults” when the house is staged
  • 40% buyers are “more willing to walk through a staged home they saw online”

There is no denying that a well-staged home can help you get better value for your property. So, what makes a home well-staged?

Tips to Staging Your Home for Maximum Impact

  1. Clean & Declutter: Both inside the home and in the front and back yard, cleaning and getting rid of clutter is the very first step. Piles of junk, too much furniture, appliances that look greasy and used, disorganized items take away from the actual features of the home. Too much stuff makes the rooms look smaller, while all the clutter distracts the buyer. So, scrub those kitchen surfaces and bathroom tiles till they are spotless and sparkly. Throw away anything that has been piling up in the yard or closet for more than 5-6 months. If you didn’t need it for half a year, you are unlikely to need it now that you are selling the home!
  2. Depersonalize & Give a New Look:

    Depersonalize & Give a New Look

    A buyer wants to imagine how they would fit into the home they are looking at. So, remove your personal items from view. For instance, family photographs, children’s art on the refrigerator, anything that is indicative of the current residents of the home. Choose neutral colors for the items in the room, whether it is curtains or wall paint. In short, give the buyer a blank slate on which they can envision their own family.

  3. Choosing the Right Furniture: Too much furniture, as mentioned above, can make a room look cluttered and smaller than it actually is. Our aim while staging is to actually make the rooms look more spacious, open and airy. There is a fine balance between too much and too little. If your current furniture looks used and old, you could consider renting furniture during the staging process. Group furniture in a way that makes each room look cozy without crowding the space. Pay special attention to the bedroom to make it look like a serene and peaceful haven that one would want to retire too after a tough day, with the use of luxurious linen, and soft, neutral colors.
  4. Lighting: The warmth and coziness of a home can be accentuated with the right lighting. Proper lighting can make every room look inviting and welcoming. The first step is to ensure good natural lighting into key rooms by opening blinds and curtains. Add supplemental warm lighting where needed, making sure to fix any broken or outdated fixtures. Remember, you can have three different types of lighting – ambient, task and accent, to highlight different areas of a room.
  5. Exteriors & Curb Appeal:

    Exteriors & Curb Appeal

    The buyer is already building up an impression of your property as they walk up to it. So, make sure you make the right first impression by trimming lawns, hedges and other plants. Get some flower beds ready with blossoming flowers or add flower boxes to windows to add an element of nature. A fresh coat of paint on the exterior is also a good idea. In addition, clean up the sidewalk leading up to your door, place doormats on the front and back doors, and consider creating a welcoming patio, if you have one, with some comfortable, light furniture.

Apart from all this, put some fresh cut flowers in different places in the home and get rid of any odors of cooking, pets, etc., before opening up the home for buyers. A little bit of effort can go a long way in helping get the best price for your home.