In our efforts to provide you a seamless experience of renting out your property, we, at FYVE Tennesse, LLC Property Management Services, provide comprehensive leasing services. We take care of each aspect of the process, so that you have the most satisfying rental experience.

When you choose our Leasing Services, you get:
  • Thorough property inspection and support to repair and renovate where needed, through our network of trusted contractors.
  • Market analysis, to help you determine the best rental price for your property.
  • Property listing online for maximum exposure to potential tenants, including full color photographs and/or videos of your property.
  • Staging the property and showing it to prospective tenants, while also verifying all tenant information, including rental history, income, employment history, full credit check and more.
  • Screening of candidates, so that you meet only the most suitable tenants.
  • Drawing up of the lease agreement, in consultation with you, to ensure that all terms and clauses meet your approval.
  • We also ensure the right legal support for such contracts, while also ensuring that the rental property and terms meet the local and federal codes and regulations, through our network of experienced lawyers.

And, through all of this, our team of professionals is always by your side, to answer any questions and to ensure that the entire process is a smooth and satisfying one for you.

With FYVE Tennesse, LLC Property Management Services, you know that your valuable asset is in good hands.

As a Broker, we offer the following residential leasing services:
  • Broker will advertise, show the property, screen prospective tenants, negotiate and sign the lease(s), collect the security deposit and the first month’s rent, and then turn it over to the landlord from there. Broker’s leasing fee for option one will be 100% of one month’s rent or $1500, whichever is less.
  • Broker offers a 10% discount on leasing when combined with property management (See property management). In the event Broker leases and manages the property, Broker’s leasing fee for new leases will be 90% of one month’s rent or $1500, whichever is less. For lease renewals Broker will charge 45% of one month’s rent.
Commercial Leasing

Please contact us for a price quote for commercial property leasing.