Management Fees

As a Broker, we offer the following property management services:

Broker’s daily operations involve collecting rent, initial and annual inspections, paying expenses, maintenance management, delivering notices, and handling tenant relations. Broker’s management fee is 10% of the gross rent collected. For lease renewals Broker charges 45% of a month’s rent.  If a tenant that was secured by the Broker breaks a lease without paying a break lease fee and all rent due then Broker will only charge 45% of a month’s rent to find and place the second tenant. If the property is tenant occupied when Broker starts management, Broker will charge a $50-250 setup fee per occupied unit depending on the number of units and a variety of other factors. The tenant(s) must be in good standing if the property is a single family home or condo.

Multiple Unit Discount

If you have more than 4 units we can quote you a multiple unit discount for management and/or leasing fees.