Management Fees

As a Broker, we offer two different types of leasing/management services:
  1. Broker will advertise, show the property, screen prospective tenants, negotiate and sign the lease(s), collect the security deposit and the first month’s rent, and then turn it over to the landlord from there. Broker’s leasing fee for option one will be 100% of one month’s rent or $1500, whichever is less.
  2. Broker will do everything in Option 1 plus daily operations which involve collecting rent, initial and annual inspections, paying expenses, maintenance, delivering notices, and handling tenant relations. Broker’s leasing fee for Option 2 is 90% of one month’s rent or $1500, whichever is less, plus a management fee of 10% of the gross rent collected. For lease renewals Broker charges 45% of a month’s rent.  If a tenant breaks a lease without paying a break lease fee and all rent due then Broker will only charge 45% of a month’s rent to find and place the second tenant. If a tenant breaks a lease owing rent then Broker will only charge 45% of a month’s rent to find and place the second tenant. If the property is tenant occupied, Broker will charge a $50-250 setup fee per occupied unit depending on the number of units and a variety of other factors. The tenant(s) must be in good standing if the property is a single family home or condo.

Additional Services:

Management of modernization, restoration, or rehab projects – 10% of expenditures

At Tenant’s Choice® we have access to bulk pricing for materials, contractors, sub-contractors, and vendors not only for maintenance but for modernization, restoration, and rehab of homes, buildings, and apartments. Our staff knows how to keep pricing competitive and insure contractors are doing the best job for you. This full service real estate management gives you the complete package. We even employ a construction consultant to help with the difficult decisions when problems arise or improvements are needed to help reduce costs. All of this is optional of course. It is really up to you to decide the services you need us to perform.