Quality of Life in Knoxville


Whether you are a young couple looking for a good start in life, a family with young children looking for a good standard of living or someone looking for somewhere to settle down post retirement, Knoxville, TN, has something to offer for everyone. Living in a town known for its college campuses and home to the University of Tennessee has its own advantages. If you have children, you gain access to some of the best educational facilities the country has to offer. And if you are looking for some extra income, you know that with students moving to the town each year, you’ll always see demand for affordable rentals.

That is not all. Knoxville also attracts the younger population because of its firm footing in culture and because the city has become a hub for technology and entertainment. From sites of historical importance to easy access to the modern amenities that the largest cities in the United States have to offer, you get the advantages of a big city with the quiet life of a small town.

Here’s a look at some of the factors that enhance quality of life in Knoxville.

Sailed Through Recession

Did you know that Knoxville was one of the very few cities that weathered the recession of 2007-2008 without facing an economic crisis? In fact, CareerBliss.com ranked the city as #2 in a list of the “Happiest Cities to Work in Right Now.” In addition, Forbes counted it among the top 50 “Best Places for Business and Careers,” while Livabilit.com ranked it among the “Top 10 Best Places to Retire.” As early as 2012, Knoxville was recognized as one of the three cities in the US to have best recovered from the recession, while also being one of the top 10 cities in terms of economic growth potential.

Within Easy Reach of Most Places


If you are worrying that moving to this city would mean that you would be either a long journey away from friends and family, you would find it interesting to learn that more than half the population of the country lives with a day’s drive of the city. Did you know Highway I-81, as well as I-40 and I-75, all lead to Knoxville? No matter in which direction you wish to head out in, you are in the best place to start from!

Cost of Living


Cost of living in the city is below the national average. This lower cost of living is reflected not only in the affordable housing in Knoxville, but also its transportation and utility costs. If you are thinking of living in a rented space or need to rent office or commercial space, rentals are also lower in the city than other larger metropolitans. And you get all this without having to compromise on any amenities, entertainment or education.

The best part is that investing in real estate makes sense in Knoxville, given that despite the steady appreciation in prices over the last couple of years, prices are still lower than most other housing markets. What’s more, experts predict that the steady appreciation in real estate prices in the area are likely to persist going forward. On the other hand, with first time home buyers and the younger generation looking to invest in the city, the time to invest in real estate here is ripe.