Ready to Sell your Home? Check out these Tips that Help you Clinch the Deal!

According to a recent report by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the number of permits for new housing units to be constructed has gone up by 7.5% in March 2018, compared to March 2017. This means the market is about to get fierce.

With new homes entering the competition, existing homeowners need to up their game to be able to sell their property for a good price. The good news, however, is that with just a few minor touch-ups and smart strategies up your sleeve,you make a favorable impression on potential buyers,thereby cinching the deal!

Tips on Staging Your Home

  1. Clean, Clean and Clean Some More

    A spic and span house goes a long way in establishing the right impression. Apart from cleaning the regular places, make sure that you dust other areas that you usually ignore, like the fireplace mantle, fan blades, chimneys, window sills, etc. If you’re busy with the move or cannot find time to clean, it’s worth considering hiring professional cleaners once or twice a week, till the deal is finalized.

  2. Do the Sniff Test

    No one wants to buy a home that smells of fish cooking. Make sure that you do a sniff test of your home on the day of showing. In fact, one of the tips recommended by professional home showers and real estate agents is to simmer a pot of water with a dash of vanilla and cinnamon. Your home will smell of fresh baking rather than fish! This is a tip that’s often used in home product stores to make the customers feel relaxed and welcome.

  3. Chuck out the Clutter

    The idea behind an open house is to highlight the space and not your personal collection of items. Organize everything around the house. Place the piles of footwear blocking the entryway into closets; remove the stacks of dirty plates on your kitchen counter; organize your coffee table. Make sure to keep all those things that distract the potential viewer away from sight. This way they can appreciate the features and architectural elements of your home.

  4. Let in the Light

    Nothing is as off-putting as walking into a gloomy, dank and dark space. While preparing your home for a showing, open up all the windows, French doors and curtains to let in natural light and air. Add a few table lamps or floor lamps to corners that don’t receive light. Remember that a bright, cheery room not only lifts upthe spirits but also looks much bigger and way more inviting.

  5. Do a Faux Renovation

    Don’t have the funds to tackle a full-scale renovation? Don’t panic, with just a few tweaks you can make a massive difference to the overall feel of your place. A leaky faucet or a broken hinge? Fix it up. Your furniture looks worn and beaten up? Add in a few slipcovers or cushions to spruce it up.

    Also, remember that you shouldn’t spend all your time indoors. Your curb is the first place that a potential buyer sees. So, make sure that you get the first impression right by fixing your exteriors. Trim shrubs, weed the garden, clear the walkway, apply a coat of paint to doors, fences, etc. remember that by just adding a few potted plants or a wreath of fresh flowers, you can make a great first impression.

The Last Word

These are just a few tips to help you get started, and there are plenty more to work on. The idea here is to don a buyer’s hat and walk through your house, imagining that it’s your first time there. Make notes on what you’re likely to notice if you’re a buyer. Better still; get a trusted friend to do the walkthrough for you. Spot what’s wrong and make those changes!

Remember that the efforts you put in now not only help you close the deal, but also ensure that you complete the transaction for a favorable price.