Want to Sell Your House Fast? Try Listing Your Property Online

house-for-saleNearly 90% of recent homebuyers have admitted to having used the Internet as an information resource, when making a home buying decision. Around 30% of homebuyers also said that an online channel was the first source of information of their newly purchased home, aaccording to a 2016 report, The Digital House Hunt, by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). The report stated that searches related to real estate have grown 253% over the four years to 2016.

Property listings online to gain maximum exposure to potential homebuyers have gained huge traction in recent times. It lets potential homebuyers just jump into a pool of property and dive till they find the right one. According to an article by The Guardian, there are about 8,000 to 10,000 property portals, accounting for more than 60% of  the concluded property deals around the world.

Here are the major ways online property listings can help you if you are looking to make a quick sale.

Helps You Reach a Wider Audience

Traditional media, like newspapers, magazines, flyers, billboards and more, allow the seller to reach only a small fraction of the audience, limited to only a small geography. However, when the property is listed online, through captivating images, anyone who with an Internet connection can view the details and even take a virtual tour. Geography and time no longer become limitations.

Allows Personalize and Customization

In traditional advertising, after you have created the content and gotten it printed, you really can’t do much about it if you are not happy with the results. Online, you are offered editing options 24/7. You can manage and edit photos and adjust the price as you like. In case, you change your mind about selling or renting out the property right now, you can even remove the listing.


Helps Make the Advertising Attractive

Marketing is mostly about making a product look great. The aim is to attract more people to increase the chances of a quick sale or renting of the property. Online, you can upload multimedia images of the property from all angles, emphasizing the best features. You can also create a video that offers a visual tour of the property to the visitor. In a nutshell, listing the real estate online allows you to put out more information, as compared to traditional advertising.

Helps Focus on the USPs of the Property

Your house is definitely not the only property a home buyer will look at. So, you need something that will set your home apart from the rest and make it attractive to the buyer. Anything, from the flooring to the appliances, can be the distinctive features of the home. When looking for property, around 80% of the buyers and renters look for large storage spaces, whereas 75% gets attracted to distinctive items, such as original fireplaces, says The Telegraph. In a photo gallery, you van include 10 images or more, focusing on each unique aspect, to create a greater impact.

Online listings also ask homeowners to describe their property. If not pictures, the emotions coming from the home’s current owner could attract a potential buyer. You can also cover the best features about the location and neighborhood, which cannot be explained in pictures alone.


Reviews and Testimonials Help

The best thing about hiring a property management service for online property listing and sale is that most of work will be done by them. They will make sure your property looks its best. Testimonials and user reviews are by far one of the best ways to generate confidence in potential buyers.

The testimonial section on the homepage of the property portal grabs the attention of a large number of users. The popularity of the property portal will eventually increase the chances of your property being exposed to a larger audience.

If you’ve done things right, there is no reason why your listing won’t attract buyers.