5 Effective Hacks to Revamp Your Office Space

Most of us spend the largest part of our day in the office, sitting at our desk. The environment at the workplace, therefore, plays a key role in not just job satisfaction but in our overall mood too. In fact, a warm inviting space that inspires employees and enhances productivity will be beneficial to the business as well.

The serviced office leasing industry in the US was expected to grow at 6.3% to reach revenue of $2.4 billion between 2014 and 2019, according to figures published by IBISWorld. In fact, in 2019 alone, there was a 5.1% rise. This growth is the result of rising corporate profits. And, a well thought out office space is one of the key factors in this success. So, here’s how to make your workspace functional yet aesthetically pleasing.

1. Natural Light

One effortless way to help the office space come alive is to allow some natural sunlight in! Natural light helps increase positivity and uplift the mood. On the other hand, long hours under bright artificial lighting can lead to headaches and stress. You can start by installing glazed windows and doors. They are cost effective but extremely sturdy and efficient. Natural light is good for the eyes and has a positive effect on the brain cells too. You can also install skylights so that there is no dearth of bright light in the office.

2. Indoor Plants

Research shows that employees at offices that have plenty of indoor plants tend to be more productive than those in offices without plants. In fact, productivity increases by 15% when the environment is greener, according to a 2014 study by the University of Exeter. Therefore, breathe in life at your workplace with plant pots in the corners or along the windowsills. You can also place mini plants at each desk for added beauty. It will make the office more relaxed and peaceful. In addition, plants clean the air and make the area look attractive to new applicants and clients.

3. Artworks

A quirky wall full of colors and posters is so much better than a blank, boring wall. In fact, wall hangings, paintings and other works of art can make a huge difference. The color blue can make you feel relaxed, while orange is known to induce enthusiasm. Textured walls can also make the space look more beautiful and lively. You can find a lot of reasonably priced paintings to decorate the office space. Mix in vintage and antique pieces or anything handmade for a stunning effect.

4. Lively Furniture

Chairs are the most used commodity in an office. So, why not get ones that can make a statement? Make sure you get colorful yet comfortable seating for your employees. Apart from this, invest in some cool tables and desks. These will avoid clutter and help keep the space well organized. Get a few bean bags for your employees to relax during breaks. In fact, the right furniture will keep your professional image intact, while reflecting how much you value your employees. Therefore, choose stylish and sturdy structures that will last for years. You can also change the arrangement from time to time to cut down on the monotony.

5. Flooring

To absorb noise and warm up the office space, invest in the right flooring. You need not start from the scratch. Instead, choose from patina laminate or smooth laminate. They are inexpensive yet effective. For a timeless appearance, you can also consider hardwood flooring. These are elegant and quite easy to clean. In fact, rubber flooring is also great when it comes to being slip resistant. Choose your option, depending on your budget, maintenance and the traffic flow in your office.

With the right techniques and smart calculations, remodeling an office is not a big deal. Simple tweaks here and there can have a huge impact. On the other hand, if you are leasing office space, make sure to pay it a visit to see if most of these factors are already present and what you could achieve with minimal effort.