How to Revamp Your Home to Increase its Value this Holiday Season

While homeowners are usually encouraged to wait till the spring, before they put their house on the market, the holiday season could be an apt time to do that too. There are reports that indicate that by doing so, not only can sellers command a better price, but can also end up make a much quicker sale than those who list their property in the springtime or summer season. The month of November, in particular, has been favorable for sellers, with the presence of multiple buyers in the market, ones who have either waited through the busy buying season in hopes of a better deal, have been too busy to look for a suitable home or those who are looking for year-end tax breaks, according to an article on Forbes.

So, if you are among those looking to score a home deal this Thanksgiving season, here are a few tips to increase the resale value of your home.

Update the Kitchen and Bathrooms

More than half the millennial generation say that they want to upgrade to a nicer and more spacious home, having already compromised on the size and conditions of their starter homes, according to HomeAdvisor’s 2018 True Cost Survey. Their quest for increased functionality and better aesthetics means that you will have to spruce up the most critical parts of the house, the kitchen and bathrooms. These rooms are highly used and one of the first things buyers look at, when deciding on a home. Try to incorporate a trendy design for the kitchen, with modern appliances and lighting systems. Consider new bathroom cabinets and hardware. Simplicity is an essential part of modern designs, so make sure you keep the design minimalistic, such as in-built shelving and cabinetry to avoid cluttering up the space. Young homeowners like to add a dash of greenery in their bathrooms, so look into adding a house plant or two next to the shower or on the windowsill.

Freshen Up the Paintwork

Prospective buyers tend to imagine themselves living in the home, so choose neutral color palettes that are likely to go with almost any type of color scheme. For instance, shades of cream are preferable to something like a dramatic green. More importantly, lighter colors tend to make the rooms look larger and more airy, which encourages buyers to see the expansive potential of a room. Lighter neutral colors also translate into great photographs when you list your home online. Prioritize painting your bathrooms, kitchens, entryways and foyer, and see how artificial and natural lighting affects their look. Young buyers today want to see whether the walls can be easily cleaned or not, among other factors, so try to use semi-glosses on doors and trims, which makes it easier to clean dust and handprints off them. Satin coats can also be good for durability.

Set the Buying Mood for the Holiday Season

A 'For Sale' sign in front of a gingerbread house. Shallow depth of field. Focus is on the sign.

Welcome buyers into a warm and cozy house, decorated with Christmas cheer. But, don’t go overboard with the decorations. The idea is to give them a feel of how the house will be in winter, which is a prominent concern for many buyers in regions that receive high snowfall. Brighten up the exteriors with lights, since winter days can get dark very quickly. You could also light a fire, bake some goodies and offer mulled cider for guests to enjoy.

The holiday season could be a great time to sell your home, since anyone shopping for a home during this time is likely to be a serious buyer. There is definitely less competition during this time, since most homeowners prefer to till spring to list their houses, which means you might just make a quick sale for a good price.