Must Know Home Décor Trends to Update Your Interiors

The beginning of a new decade is a perfect opportunity to re-decorate your home. Neutral color palettes and bold geometrics are what design professionals are focusing on this year. The interior designer industry in the US has been growing at a CAGR of 0.4% between 2015 and 2020. In fact, the market size in 2020 stands at $15.8 billion, according to a report published by IBIS World.

Increasing per capita disposable income and the urge to tick off the latest styles boost these figures. The best part is that you don’t need to undertake a complete makeover. Smart additions here and there can make all the difference. Here’s a look.

Geometric Patterns

According to data revealed by Pinterest, the search for the term “geometric paint” keeps rising by 225% each year! In 2020, geometric designs are likely to take American households by storms. Be it rugs, furniture or lights, thin and thick lined designs are growing in popularity. Ditch the clichéd black and white and go for colorful combinations. While circles portray femininity, triangles reflect energy and stability. Incorporating various shapes can blend modern and traditional in one space. You can install parquet patterned flooring to complete the look.

Color Palettes

The Pantone Color of 2020 is Classic Blue. It is a timeless hue, representing connection, calm and confidence. It is restful and brings in a sense of tranquility to the human mind. To add a sophisticated and versatile touch to your home, throw in various shades of blue. It is a universally loved color and has a welcoming appeal to it. You can team it up with whites or pastel shades to refresh your home this year.

Contrast Décor

Black and white are reaching the zenith of popularity in homes these days. You can play with various contrasts when it comes to furniture, ceilings or duvet covers. Mustard Yellow with Mauve, Gold and Black Chrome, Burnished Red with Navy are stellar combinations. You can also place dark stained showpieces against light colored walls or create a striking difference between the floor and the walls. Add a dash of bronze, brass and silver for added appeal. However, make sure to use all of these in moderation.

Go Green

In 2019, bright green fiddle leaf figs were making a statement. But 2020 is all about the sober olive trees. Jade, muted and mossy green color palettes are emerging, indicating a celebration of nature. Vertical gardens are on the rise, which particularly work great for small spaces. Houseplants can literally breathe life into your rooms while rendering a perfect makeover. Additionally, put some tropical and botanical printed floor mats, cushion covers and bed covers to bring nature into your house.

Comfort Space

Now is the time to make your home more welcoming and cozier. Add loads of soft cushions and knitted throws, laced with tassels and fringes. Weave the space together with thick curtains and quilted bed spreads. All of these ooze a low maintenance look but will up your décor game. Sober colors like warm grays and pinks are a perfect duo to render a relaxed vibe. You can also get dreamy canopy beds, sink-in sofas and wooden swings. 53% Americans say that furniture is the most important when it comes to redoing the home. Pick faded tones and weathered finishes that are setting the bar high in 2020.

Vintage Pieces

Think vintage and traditional detailing in 2020! These will help you achieve design goals like few others. Americans are increasingly using bare bricks and rustic flooring. Let traditional touches on furniture, doors and windows dominate the décor scene.

A tastefully done home can be life changing. Most importantly, it can add to the value of your home if you ever want to sell.