Property Management

Rental homeAt FYVE Tennessee, LLC we strongly believe in making investors feel comfortable knowing that their valuable asset is well cared for, while at the same time insuring the rental homes are of good quality and safe for tenants.  We employ general contractors, Realtors® and have established relationships with landscaping specialists, pest control companies, insurance agents, accountants and attorneys in the Knoxville, TN area.  Clients can expect the following services:

  • Rental evaluation and preparation
  • Advertising
  • Showing to prospective tenants
  • Screening tenants
  • Signing and negotiating leases and other paperwork
  • Escrow account record keeping
  • Providing monthly statements and invoices to owners
  • Enforcement of lease compliance
  • Paying expenses
  • Handling maintenance
  • Handling modernization and restoration projects
  • Performing annual inspections
  • Renewing leases
  • Performing a final walk thru with tenants


Candy FactoryYears of property management experience has earned FYVE Tennesse, LLC Property Management Services trust and respect of Knoxville rental owners by implementing good management principles.  We perform periodic inspections to check for tenant negligence and/or any unseen damage to your property to prevent further damage and additional repair bills.  Before entering into a lease, we make sure your tenant understands his/her obligations and the consequences of non-performance.  We also makes sure that you are aware of common procedures and your rights and obligations as a landlord.  Another reason people use a property management company is that it adds another layer of liability protection between the tenant/tenant’s guests and the owner of the property.

However, the most important reason for hiring FYVE Tennesse, LLC is leverage.  We give you the freedom to own multiple rentals without the hassle of the day to day operations so you can use your time on more important aspects of property ownership. We understand the importance of hiring the right Knoxville residential property management company.  FYVE Tennesse, LLC truly makes a difference. Call us today!

Modernization, Rehab, and Restoration

At FYVE Tennesse, LLC we have access to bulk pricing for materials, contractors, sub-contractors, and vendors not only for maintenance but for modernization, restoration, and rehab of homes, buildings, and apartments. Our staff knows how to keep pricing competitive and insure contractors are doing the best job for you. Our full service real estate management gives you the complete package.  We even employ a construction consultant to help with the difficult decisions when problems arise or improvements are needed to help reduce costs.  All of this is optional of course.  It is really up to you to decide the services you need them to perform.


At FYVE Tennesse, LLC we take our agency relationship with you seriously, when you hire us as your property management service company.  Our duty is to put your needs first by giving you the best representation and highest standard of service possible, to keep your information confidential, and to maintain ongoing communication. Our impeccable business ethics, combined with our knowledge and experience as a leader in the Knoxville residential property management business, ensures your continuing satisfaction.

Expertise Serving the Knoxville, Tennessee Area

Our established history of managing single-family houses, condos, lofts and multi-family apartments has earned us a superior reputation in consistently maintaining outstanding property management services. The secret to our success is that we concentrate our resources in Knoxville, TN. We only manage properties located in a small area, which means we are hands on all the time.